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In the life of a writer, sometimes lots of things happen all at once, and sometimes, nothing happens at all. Here is my mini blog: Everything I can write when I have a free minute.

Idyllwild here we come!

We've thought about this for a long time, after many years in Palm Springs and San Diego, we are going to buy a cabin in the mountains. This is quite a change for us and I am anxious to find out how the mountains are going to influence my work.

Good bye to those we have lost ....

Unfortunately, this is how these things go. It seems that most of my childhood friends are leaving us. I guess everyone must part with us at some point. We lost my beloved brother Glenn and have now lost my friends Joey, Cindy, and Susan, all of whom lived on my street when I was a child. I miss them and they of course will be greatly missed.

Midcentury Modern

We couldn't have asked for a better home. We are finally finished with the remodel of our Palm Springs home. We have completely refurbished and remodeled our 1959 midcentry modern home. It is awesome and I am looking forward to spending many sunny days relaxing by the pool.


Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!

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